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Tata Communications to Revamp Singapore Airlines Communication Infrastructure

Tue 7 Nov 2023

Tata Communications and Singapore Airlines have announced a multi-year agreement aimed at transforming the airline’s communications infrastructure to boost employee productivity and enhance user experiences.

The initiative utilises Tata Communications’ GlobalRapide platform to provide SIA employees with the capability to stay connected and collaborate from anywhere in the world.

Amitabh Sarkar, Vice President and Head of Asia Pacific and Japan for Enterprise at Tata Communications, said: “We take great pride in our long-standing relationship with Singapore Airlines. As a global CommTech player, we are privileged to be chosen as their partner in progress as they emerge stronger than ever and strive to create new benchmarks in customer experiences.”

The collaboration extends a partnership that has developed over several years. As part of their ongoing relationship, Tata Communications has improved SIA’s customer call management through its IZOTM SDWAN service, ensuring efficient and seamless experiences for airline customers.

SIA’s pilot and cabin crew communication has also been enhanced by Tata Communications MOVE, which offers secure and constant global connectivity. This technology facilitates the swift exchange of vital flight data, improving operational efficiency and contributing to cost savings compared to conventional data roaming solutions.

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