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Taiga Cloud announces strategic European partnership with GIGABYTE

Wed 11 Oct 2023

Taiga Cloud, a generative AI cloud service provider, has entered into a strategic European partnership with GIGABYTE. The partnership positions Taiga Cloud to meet the increasing demand for compute power for generative AI applications.

The partnership follows a recent investment in 20 NVIDIA H100 GPU pods, each made up of 512 H100 GPUs, which will be supplied by GIGABYTE. Taiga now has a NVIDIA inventory of over 19,000 NVIDIA H100, A100, and RTX A6000 GPUs.

“We are excited to take this strategic next step in our long-standing partnership with GIGABYTE, which will help Taiga Cloud on its journey to make computing power accessible to organisations across Europe,” said Karl Havard, Managing Director at Taiga Cloud.

GIGABYTE worked closely with Taiga Cloud engineers to configure the NVIDIA H100 GPU infrastructure into pods of 512 GPUs, connected into islands of four pods each (2,048 GPUs) using NVIDIA BlueField DPUs and the NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand platform.

The configuration will help power the next wave of innovation in the generative AI market by enabling efficient and quick means of training LLMs, offering businesses generative AI solutions in a much shorter timeframe.  

“GIGABYTE is proud to be supporting Taiga Cloud in providing access to the largest clean-energy powered, scalable AI and ML compute capacity in Europe. We look forward to realising the full potential of our relationship as the strategic partnership continues,” said Thomas Yen, Sales Director for GIGA Computing.

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