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Stratus unveils ztC Endurance platform, achieving 99.99999% availability

Tue 21 Nov 2023

Stratus Technologies, an SGH company and a provider of edge computing platforms, has announced the launch of its ztC Endurance platform. This new family of fault-tolerant computing platforms has achieved seven nines (99.99999%) availability.

The ztC Endurance platform integrates 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors with the aim of achieving next-generation sustainable operations.

Dave Laurello, President of Intelligent Platform Solutions at SGH, said: “The new ztC Endurance platform is the culmination of Stratus’ 42 years of innovation in fault tolerance. With 99.99999% availability and a modernised system architecture, we are delivering a new technology curve for reliability that will empower organisations on their digital journeys well into the future.”

The new platform is the outcome of extensive planning and testing, analysing over 100 million hours of computing runtime from thousands of customers.

Dara Ambrose, Vice President of Products and Solutions for Intelligent Platform Solutions at SGH, said: “With this new ztC Endurance platform, we have delivered a fault tolerant solution that eliminates compromises in performance, cost, serviceability, and manageability when deploying and maintaining application availability.”

In today’s digital-first, data-driven world, OT and IT teams require solutions that meet both teams’ efforts to enhance operational efficiency, improve system security, and ultimately drive business growth.

OT leaders are investing in automation to manage complex processes, while IT leaders are seeking modern technology that is easily serviceable and cost-efficient.

OT and IT teams demand reliable and secure solutions designed for today, as well as tomorrow. Research by Stratus forecasts that Edge IT workloads will grow up to 28% through 2026 as a result of this market demand.

Dave McCarthy, Research Vice President at IDC, said: “Intelligent, predictive health management, continuous availability, and data visibility is crucial for companies looking to make the next move on their digital transformation journey. Edge computing is the foundation for this next step, and Stratus is showcasing what is possible for companies seeking next-generation solutions and performance.”

The ztC Endurance platform is available in three models: the 7100 for large data centres; the 5100 for medium plants and remote offices; and the 3100 for smaller plants and shop floors.

Joel Boyer, Technical Authority at TIGA, said: “As a long-standing Stratus customer, I knew that Stratus ztC Endurance platform would be a game-changer. Even during beta testing, the system completely exceeded my expectations.”


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