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StorTrec UK and QNAP forge data storage solution partnership

Wed 29 Nov 2023

StorTrec UK has announced a new partnership with QNAP to expand its service offerings to global manufacturers.

The partnership with Taiwanese company QNAP aims to extend StorTrec’s comprehensive end-to-end support for data storage manufacturers and their resellers. StorTrec’s services encompass RMA management, logistics, training for service technicians, and support with installation and integration.

Mark Narraway, Managing Director of StorTrec UK, said: “This partnership is really exciting because it has enabled us to work with an even wider variety of clients. It marks a significant milestone in the tech industry, promising to enhance customer experience, streamline services, and elevate the quality of support for QNAP’s storage appliances in the UK market. We will gain the prestige of having an important manufacturer within this sector as a high profile customer.

QNAP, known for its solutions in software development, hardware design, and in-house manufacturing, has traditionally offered warranties with its products. However, this new partnership with StorTrec allows QNAP to provide its customers with a value-added option for full support of their storage solutions.

“Working with QNAP ensures all of its clients’ data storage systems remain secure, efficient and reliable, which is at the heart of what we deliver at StorTrec. This partnership reinforces our commitment to creating valuable solutions for clients,” added Narraway.

Prior to the partnership, the collaboration between StorTrec and QNAP was indirect. This new arrangement marks a transition to a direct collaboration, deepening the relationship that has been developing over several years.

Posen Wang, Country Head of QNAP UK, said: “At QNAP, we are committed to delivering top-tier storage solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses and individuals. This collaboration with StorTec allows us to offer not only exceptional products but also an unbeatable level of service.”

This strategic partnership between StorTrec UK and QNAP underscores a shared commitment to enhancing the quality and reach of data storage solutions, promising to benefit both businesses and their clients significantly.


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