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STL wins £23.8m deal for building and maintaining data centres for a public sector entity in India

Thu 3 Aug 2023

STL forms a partnership with a public sector entity in India STL forms a partnership with a public sector entity

STL has announced a partnership with a public sector entity in India. In this multi-year agreement, STL will design, build, commission, and maintain two data centre facilities, with service deployment across multiple network sites across India.

STL will also be responsible for three years of operations and management to ensure the reliable functioning of the envisaged project.

“STL has over a decade of experience in building and managing data centres. Our solutions are focused on getting automation and intelligence in the network and IT infrastructure. I am confident that our data centre connectivity and maintenance solution will integrate intelligent infrastructure, real-time monitoring, disaster management and troubleshooting. It will provide a secure, reliable, seamless digital infrastructure for the customer’s operations,” said Praveen Cherian, the CEO-Global Services Business at STL.

This critical project will require seamless operations, 24/7 availability, and a high level of intelligence to facilitate mission-critical business applications.

STL’s technology-led data centre connectivity and management solution is custom-designed to create intelligent and automated systems to run, monitor and protect the data centres, enabling new-age applications with advanced cybersecurity solutions.

The Indian data centre market is projected to grow from $5.6 billion to $8 billion by 2026.

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