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Step into the Light with Panduit White Infrastructure Solutions for Reduced Data Centre Cost and Energy Use

Press Release by Panduit Data Centre Infrastructure Tue 24 Mar 2020

  • Panduit research study verifies significant cost and energy savings achievable using white enclosures and infrastructure management systems over black alternatives
  • Better visibility provides improved working conditions when undertaking inspection/MACs
  • Improved and unified appearance to physical infrastructure layout with the data centre

Panduit EMEA, has launched its extended range of white infrastructure products, including rack systems, cable infrastructure management and connectivity cabinets. These products support Panduit’s enhanced infrastructure capabilities as well as the ongoing requirements to improve data centre energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. From Hyperscale and Colocation to Edge facilities, the white product portfolio provides complete, optimised solutions for power and data delivery.

Panduit Corporate Research and Development conducted a study*1 into the difference in facility light levels between white and black rack enclosures to illustrate the power savings achievable by specifying white infrastructure products. The use of lighter coloured cabinets creates a brighter environment with more reflected illumination, increasing the overall lighting level. This offers the opportunity to use fewer light fixtures, resulting in fixture saving, lower continuous lighting power load and reduced energy and maintenance overheads. Additionally, lighter conditions will help reduce human error within data centres and other mission critical environments.

Extending the opportunity for customers to select white infrastructure provides increased reflected light wherever white alternative enclosures or management systems are installed. Panduit data centre infrastructure systems encompass a complete ecosystem to support latest data centre designs from fibre into the building, cable managers and HD Flex floor zone solution, to cabinets, racks, containment and VED (vertical exhaust ducts). The range has been extended with the following white solutions:

Product Bulletin

  • White Containment systems
  • White HD Flex floor zone solution – effortless fibre cable breakout capability
  • White HD Flex Fibre Distribution System – complete cabinet fibre cable management.

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