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Start Campus Announces Partnership with Colt Technology Services

Thu 28 Sep 2023

Start Campus has partnered with Colt Technology Services to expand the footprint of the Colt IQ Network locally and globally, and make Start Campus’s SINES Project its home to power the connectivity requirements of the customers.

The partnership will enhance the current route into a comprehensive ecosystem that provides high capacity, diverse routing options, and ultra-low latency connectivity.

The SINES Project is one of the largest hyperscale data centre ecosystems in Europe, acting as a gateway between Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Powered by renewable and affordable energy, Start Campus offers a 100% sustainable campus powered by 24×7 renewable energy facilities resulting in a low total cost of operations for its customers.

At the southwestern edge of Europe, the SINES Project at Start Campus is a unique location for subsea cables, with multiple providers planning to land their systems there, including EllaLink, which connects Europe, South America, and Africa.

The location of the SINES Project enables Portugal to act as a connectivity hub for Europe, providing access via transatlantic cable landings and Colt’s terrestrial network routes.

“We are thrilled to partner with Colt, a company that shares our vision for sustainability,” says Afonso Salema, Chief Officer Executive (CEO) of Start Campus. “This partnership will enable us to explore innovative solutions that maximize efficiency while minimising environmental impact. This partnership helps position Portugal as a leading global digital hub. We are eager to see what the future holds for this collaboration.”

“As Colt remains committed to bolstering our global digital infrastructure, our partnership with Start Campus marks a significant stride towards establishing the Iberian Peninsula as a pivotal global digital hub,” says Carlos Jesus, VP Global Service Delivery and Portugal Country Manager of Colt Technology Services.

In 2021, Start Campus announced the project SINES 4.0, a hyperscale data centre, with a capacity of up to 495MW, in Sines, Portugal, representing an investment of up to €3.5 billion. It will be one of Europe’s largest data centre campuses, responding to the large international technology companies’ growing demand.

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