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Widespread software delivery delays concern UK and US business leaders, research reveals

Thu 14 Dec 2023

Recent research has highlighted a critical issue in the software development industry. A large majority (70%) of software projects are not delivered on time, despite 83% of software engineers acknowledging the high importance of meeting deadlines.

This finding is particularly concerning for business leaders in the UK and the USA, where a significant number report on-time delivery as a crucial metric for evaluating software engineering performance.

The research, conducted by Dr. Junade Ali and J.L. Partners on behalf of Haystack, indicates that 77% of UK business leaders and 90% in the USA consider on-time delivery as the main way to measure the performance of software engineering teams.

However, a worrying 81% of UK and 89% of US business leaders are concerned about the on-time delivery of software projects in their organisations.

Quarterly surveys used by software developers are often too slow to address early signs of delay.

The research indicates that software engineers are also concerned to voice their true opinions, while ‘those with the lowest programming skill’ are most likely to be most over-optimistic at evaluating software delivery performance in large projects.

In response, Haystack has announced the launch of its Software Delivery Ops Platform, aimed at delivering high-quality software on time.

Julian Colina, CEO of Haystack, said: “Most software projects miss their deadlines, stalling growth and eroding trust. Haystack tackles this widespread issue. Our Software Delivery Ops platform transforms data into decisive actions, turning the tide on the 70% project delay rate.”

Haystack’s Software Delivery Ops Platform provides tools designed to keep software delivery on track. The platform identifies early warning signs of delay at any point in the delivery process, alerting teams to risks or bottlenecks that may arise.

Kan Yilmaz, CTO of Haystack, also emphasized the transformative potential of their platform: “Haystack is transforming the way software is delivered. We use powerful insights to shatter the chronic cycle of delayed software delivery.”

Haystack’s Software Delivery Ops platform integrates directly into developer tools like Git and Jira, highlighting signs of delay in real-time.

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