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Snowflake acquires TruEra AI observability platform to expand AI data cloud capabilities

Mon 27 May 2024

Prominent cloud data platform, Snowflake, has announced its acquisition of the TruEra artificial intelligence (AI) observability platform.

This move aims to enhance AI observability within the Snowflake AI Data Cloud, addressing the need for evaluating, monitoring, and debugging machine learning (ML) models and applications throughout their lifecycle, from development to production.

Snowflake said given the increasing use of AI in enterprise settings, ensuring the trustworthiness and performance of AI applications has become crucial. Snowflake recognised the importance of addressing challenges such as bias, hallucinations, and toxicity while demonstrating the reliability and value of AI solutions in real-world scenarios.

The acquisition of TruEra’s AI observability platform is intended to strengthen Snowflake’s existing generative AI and end-to-end ML capabilities, enabling deeper functionality to drive AI quality and trustworthiness.

TruEra’s technology can evaluate and monitor large language model (LLM) applications and ML models in production, providing valuable insights to enhance performance and accuracy.

TruEra’s platform facilitates evaluation of LLM apps, including question answering, summarisation, retrieval-augmented generation-based applications (RAG apps), and agent-based applications. It can also offer actionable insights to improve ML model performance by identifying anomalies in model metrics and providing root cause analysis for rapid debugging.

Snowflake added the TruEra AI Observability can identify risks such as hallucination, bias, or toxicity in AI applications, enabling organisations to address issues promptly and ensure compliance with AI regulations.

The acquisition of TruEra aligns with Snowflake’s commitment to providing robust AI and ML data governance functionalities within the AI Data Cloud. By integrating TruEra’s observability technologies, Snowflake aims to offer enhanced capabilities for ensuring the accuracy and trustworthiness of data used in AI model training and deployment.

Snowflake has also integrated TruEra’s talented engineers and executives, including co-founders Anupam Datta, Shayak Sen, and Will Uppington, who bring expertise in model observability and explainability to the company.

In the future, Snowflake anticipates collaborating with the TruEra team to introduce innovative capabilities around AI and LLM observability, to assist organisations in utilising AI’s potential.

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