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Schneider Electric unveils open automation infrastructure with Intel and Red Hat

Press Release by Schneider Electric Wed 7 Feb 2024

Schneider Electric, in partnership with Intel and Red Hat, has announced the launch of a Distributed Control Node (DCN) software framework.

This promotes an open, software-defined approach that promises to transform operations, enhance quality, reduce complexity, and optimise costs.

The DCN framework, an extension of Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Automation Expert, aligns with the Open Process Automation Forum’s (OPAF) objectives to foster interoperability and portability.

This collaboration aims to set a new standard for industrial control systems, moving towards a more modern, network-based structure.

Nathalie Marcotte, Senior Vice President of Process Automation at Schneider Electric, said: “The DCN framework is key to fostering an open automation approach, enabling industrial businesses to grow and innovate for the future.”

The collaboration has also led to the integration of Red Hat’s new industrial edge platform into Schneider Electric’s DCN software, enhancing the solution with Red Hat Device Edge, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, and Red Hat OpenShift.

“By taking these steps now, we can help set the industrial sector up to explore all the possibilities AI, edge computing and more have to offer,” said Francis Chow, Vice President and General Manager of In-Vehicle Operating System and Edge at Red Hat.

Software-Defined Industrial Innovation

The DCN framework comprises advanced computer platforms for supervising control workloads and DCNs powered by Intel Atom x6400E series processors for running control applications.

This setup supports mixed-criticality workloads, enabling secure and programmable deployment of workloads with virtualisation and monitoring functionalities.

“Open and interconnected commercial solutions will help usher in the transition from fixed function proprietary devices to flexible and dynamic software-based infrastructures,” said Christine Boles, Vice President of Intel’s Network and Edge Group and General Manager for Federal and Industrial Solutions.

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