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Schneider Electric to unveil a brand-new product innovation at Data Centre World London 2024

Thu 22 Feb 2024

Image of Schneider Electric at Data Centre World

Schneider Electric is gearing up to address the future of data centres with a focus on sustainability, AI technology, and fostering early talent at Data Centre World London 2024.

Amid the escalating demand for environmentally friendly operations and the transformative impact of AI, Schneider Electric aims to redefine data centres as key contributors to combating climate change and attractive career hubs for the next generation.

The event, recognised as the largest assembly of data centre professionals and end-users, will serve as a pivotal platform for Schneider Electric to address the evolving landscape of data centres, particularly in light of the increasing demand for sustainability and the transformative impact of AI technologies.

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Panel Discussion on ESG Commitments and Industry Collaboration

Under the chairmanship of Kelly Becker, President of Schneider Electric UK and Ireland, a distinguished panel discussion is scheduled for 6th March 2024 in the Design & Build and Physical Security Theatre.

The session aims to reshape the industry’s perception, advocating for data centres to be seen as vital allies in the battle against climate change rather than environmental burdens.

The panel will feature notable industry leaders such as Lauren Ryder, Madison Clements, David Locke, Dame Dawn Childs, and Mark Yeeles. Together, they will delve into the industry’s ESG commitments and explore collaborative efforts to drive sustainable change within the sector.

Exploring the Impact of AI on Data Centre Design

AI’s rapid advancement has significantly influenced the global business landscape, becoming a key driver of technological innovation in data centres.

Concerns about AI’s energy consumption—potentially equalling the entire electricity usage of countries like Ireland—underscore the urgency to address efficiency in data centre operations.

Steven Carlini, Schneider Electric’s Vice President for Data Centre and Innovation, will address these challenges in his keynote speech on 6th March at 11am.

Carlini’s presentation, set in the Data Centre World Global Strategies: People, Environment & Innovation Theatre, will cover the deployment of edge AI inference servers, strategies for ensuring grid availability, and practices for sustainable operations.

Advancements in Data Centre Technologies for AI and HPC Clusters

On 7th March, from 11.55am to 12.30pm, Matthew Baynes, Vice President of Design and Construction Partners at Schneider Electric Europe, will participate in a panel discussion alongside the Open Compute Project in the Energy Efficiency, Cost Management & DCIM Theatre.

This session will explore the role of emerging technologies, such as machine learning, liquid cooling, and digital twins, in optimising data centres to host AI and High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters.

The discussion will provide insights into how these technologies enable businesses to enhance the efficiency and functionality of their data centre operations, readying them for the demands of modern computing needs.

Showcasing Future-Ready Data Centres at Data Centre World London 2024

At the forefront of Data Centre World London 2024, Schneider Electric is set to unveil its latest advancements in creating resilient, sustainable, and energy-efficient data centres of the future.

Positioned at Stand D730, Schneider Electric will assemble a team of experts from its Secure Power, Digital Energy, and Power Products, Services and Sustainability divisions to present the award-winning EcoStruxure for Data Centres portfolio through guided tours and immersive virtual product demonstrations.

Innovations in Critical Power and Sustainability

A highlight of the showcase is the dedicated critical power zone, featuring Schneider Electric’s Galaxy VS range of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with Lithium-Ion batteries, renowned for its patented eConversion technology that boasts up to 99% efficiency without compromising on availability.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to explore the Easy Modular UPS solutions, Schneider Electric’s latest offering in medium UPS, designed for ease of use, service, and maintenance, ensuring optimal reliability for critical power protection.

The exhibition will also introduce attendees to Schneider Electric’s APC NetShelter racks and the innovative Smart-UPS Ultra, the industry’s pioneering 3kW and 5kW 1U single-phase UPS. This compact yet powerful solution is engineered to overcome challenges in deploying infrastructure across distributed IT and edge computing environments, promoting efficiency and unparalleled uptime for critical applications globally.

The Unveiling of a New Solution

Further enriching the experience, Ionut Farcas, Senior Vice President for Power Products, will offer attendees an exclusive preview of a brand-new product innovation by Schneider Electric.

Scheduled for 11:30am, this unveiling promises to introduce a groundbreaking solution that integrates scalability, durability, and connectivity, setting new benchmarks for data centre performance, uptime, and safety.

Empowering Data Centres with Advanced Software and Digital Services

In anticipation of the significant regulatory changes in 2024, especially with the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) imposing new accountability standards for energy consumption on European data centre operators, Schneider Electric will demonstrate its prowess in data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) software.

The EcoStruxure IT platform, known for its open and vendor-agnostic approach, will be featured, offering advanced remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and data-driven insights to mitigate risks and enhance operational security.

The software pods at Stand D730 will also spotlight the EcoStruxure Data Centre Expert, Schneider Electric’s on-premises DCIM software, along with the Aveva and ETAP Digital Twins platforms. These solutions collectively aim to revolutionise the design, monitoring, and optimization of power and cooling systems in data centres, ensuring real-time visibility and control.

Building the Data Centres of Tomorrow

Schneider Electric’s presence at Data Centre World will extend beyond critical power and software solutions to include the next-generation EcoStruxure Building Operation software.

This edge-control system forms the core of the EcoStruxure Building ecosystem, enabling the seamless integration and analysis of data from diverse building management systems, thereby harnessing digitisation and big data for smarter, more sustainable operations.

Attendees will also discover the capabilities of Schneider Electric’s Power Monitoring Expert (PME) software, designed to provide comprehensive insights into the health of electrical systems. Its scalable architecture facilitates connection to a wide array of smart devices, allowing for real-time monitoring and actionable intelligence to enhance efficiency and sustainability across electrical infrastructures.

Join Schneider Electric at Stand D730 during Data Centre World London to explore how cutting-edge technology, software, and services are shaping the sustainable, efficient, and resilient data centres of tomorrow.

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