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Schneider Electric launches MasterPacT MTZ Active at Data Centre World to revolutionise power distribution

Wed 6 Mar 2024

Image of Schneider Electric MasterPacT MTZ Active

At Data Centre World London, Schneider Electric unveiled the MasterPacT MTZ Active, a new low voltage air circuit breaker.

This innovative product aims to redefine efficiency and sustainability in power distribution for critical industries, including data centres.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Efficiency and Safety

The MasterPacT MTZ Active looks to address the significant challenges faced by critical industries, such as the need for 24/7 uptime, rising energy costs, and the push for sustainable operations.

Ionut Farcas, Senior Vice President, Europe & International Hub, Power Products Division at Schneider Electric, emphasised the product’s ability to make energy use data accessible in real-time.

“The new MasterPacT MTZ Active makes the invisible visible for critical industry operators to see and track their energy use in real-time,” Farcas stated.

This visibility looks to help data centre operators make informed energy management decisions, ultimately enhancing efficiency and reducing waste.

“By making such information available at a glance, data centre operators are empowered to make better energy management decisions, reduce consumption, eliminate waste, and improve efficiency,” said Farcas.

One of the standout features of the MasterPacT MTZ Active is its control unit, which includes an industry-first QR code solution. This enables rapid identification of issues and streamlines the decision-making process for corrective actions, significantly reducing downtime in critical operations.

Farcas highlighted the convenience of this feature: “There’s no need to waste time searching through a 200-page document. In an overload event, you are quickly instructed to redistribute the loads more evenly between circuits.”

The MasterPacT MTZ Active also aims to set new safety standards in the data centre environment.

The circuit breaker is equipped with an Energy Reduction Maintenance Setting (ERMS) that protects maintenance personnel from arc flash hazards. Its control unit design can simplify the setting of protection functions, such as current, time delays, and alarms, ensuring comprehensive safety and reliability.

The MasterPacT MTZ Active will be rolled out globally.


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