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Schneider Electric launches EcoCare membership at Warrington experience centre

Tue 19 Mar 2024

Schneider Electric UK&I has unveiled its EcoCare membership service at the brand-new Experience Centre in Warrington.

This service offers dedicated success management through access to technologies, expert advice, expedited emergency response SLAs, and continuous infrastructure monitoring.

Elevating Digital Transformation and Energy Management

The launch event, hosted in Schneider Electric’s contemporary Connected Services Hub, was marked by a panel discussion led by David Pownall, Services Vice President. Panellists included Gavin Scott, Head of Sustainability at the University of Nottingham, and Colin Foley, Project Portfolio Manager at Johnson & Johnson.

The discussion provided insights into how these diverse organisations utilise Schneider Electric Connected Services to meet their objectives in productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

David Pownall said: “It is an immense pleasure to be here today to welcome visitors to our new Connected Services Hub and Experience Centre, and to hear firsthand from several customers about how our team offers 24/7 support for a range of applications of our technology.”

Pownall highlighted the EcoCare service as a significant enhancement to Schneider Electric’s capabilities and a reinforcement of valuable customer relationships.

Kelly Becker, President for Schneider Electric UK&I, underscored the importance of such events in understanding customer needs and how Schneider Electric services can add value to businesses throughout their connected services journey.

“Members of the EcoCare membership service will benefit from advanced digital functionalities that deliver real-time insights and drive further reduced downtime, enhanced operational effectiveness, and improved environmental sustainability,” said Becker.

Managing Downtime and Maintenance

The EcoCare service aims to positively impact how businesses manage downtime and maintenance, promising to minimise downtime by up to 75% with faster response times and 24/7 remote monitoring.

It also looks to reduce planned downtime by up to 40% through a condition-based maintenance approach that enables dynamic maintenance scheduling. The service seeks to extend the asset lifecycle and contribute to organisations’ sustainability goals by avoiding carbon emissions.

EcoCare offers a dedicated Customer Success Management Team to orchestrate remote and on-site experts. It also promises faster response times with discounts on spare parts for improved system efficiency and reliability.

The EcoCare service leverages digital technologies to provide valuable insights, optimised maintenance, and expert recommendations for enhanced system performance and energy management.

With the EcoCare service now launched in the UK and Ireland, as well as the fully operational Connected Services Hub, Schneider Electric aims to establish a new approach to collaborative, data-driven, and round-the-clock service delivery.

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