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Schneider Electric calls for rapid deployment of smart grids to accelerate energy transition

Press Release by Schneider Electric Wed 29 Nov 2023

Schneider Electric has emphasised the need for rapid digital upgrades to electricity grids. This call to action targets global energy leaders and comes at a crucial time as the world focuses on climate action at COP28 in Dubai.

The company underscored the urgency of upgrading outdated grid infrastructures to support the global energy transition, as the current grid systems are inadequate for the demands of a low-carbon future.

Frederic Godemel, Executive Vice President of the Power Systems and Services Division at Schneider Electric, said: “The real challenge of the energy transition is increasing network output and efficiency, doing that in the right way by connecting more renewables to the grid, and ensuring emissions do not rise in parallel.”

Schneider Electric advocate for smart grid technologies, driven by intelligent electric utility companies, as essential for a sustainable energy sector.

“We simply are not moving fast enough toward the flexible, digitalised electricity grids to enable this, despite already having the connected equipment and software technologies to do so. Government and industry leaders should respond to this call to action: upgrade or risk failing to meet our net zero goals,” added Godemel.

Schneider Electric is set to unveil several innovations designed to facilitate agile grid digitalisation and enhance collaboration within the electricity value chain. These include the RM AirSeT, a new pure air solution for France’s national electrical distribution network that uses AirSeT’s pure air technology to replace the greenhouse gas SF6 in medium-voltage electrical equipment.

Other notable releases include the EcoStruxure Microgrid Flex, which streamlines microgrid configuration for quicker implementation; the EcoStruxure Transformer Expert, an IoT-based monitoring system for oil transformers; and the EcoStruxure Power Automation System, which includes the PowerLogic P7 protection relay and digital tools for creating a virtual substation representation.

Additionally, Schneider Electric has introduced a new cloud-based EcoStruxure Distributed Energy Resource (DERMS) on Microsoft Azure. This system manages distributed energy resources like electric vehicles, energy storage, and rooftop solar to meet growing capacity demands, and enable flexible customer solutions.

The company also previews the forthcoming EcoStruxure Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) and EcoStruxure ArcFM, promising a data-centric architecture for enhanced grid efficiency and reliability, due out in January 2024.

Schneider Electric’s push for smart grid adoption and digitalisation aligns with global efforts to achieve net-zero goals and addresses the pressing need for a more resilient and efficient energy infrastructure.


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