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RiT Tech unveils AI-powered module for enhanced data centre management

Thu 16 May 2024

Data centre infrastructure management solutions company, RiT Tech, has announced the launch of an artificial intelligence (AI) powered provisioning module as part of its XpedITe platform.

This new module is designed to automate and refine the management of data centre resources to reduce human error and operational costs.

“Our AI-driven provisioning module is a testament to RiT Tech’s commitment to pioneering innovations that make data centre infrastructure management not only more efficient but also future-ready,” said Jeff Safovich, CTO at RiT Tech.

The XpedITe AI-powered provisioning module automates the planning and management of servers and IT equipment. By integrating AI and machine learning, the module reduces the tasks associated with Install, Move, Add, and Change (IMAC) activities by up to 95%.

Key Features

Key features of the module include automated IMAC planning, resource efficiency through AI-driven provisioning, advanced algorithms ensuring compliance with network policies and regulatory standards, integration with external systems, automatic generation of detailed work orders, customisable workflows, and compliance enforcement to prevent errors.

The module offers an important range of functionalities that mark a significant leap forward in the realm of DCIM solutions:

  •  Automated IMAC Planning: Harnessing AI, the module manages installations, moves, adds, and changes (IMACs), accounting for environmental, power, and space considerations.
  • Resource Efficiency: By applying AI to provisioning, the module cuts the resources needed for IMAC planning by up to 95%.
  • Advanced Algorithms: XpedITe’s algorithms plan hardware installations to ensure compliance with network policies, organisational procedures, and regulatory standards.
  • Seamless External Integration: XpedITe draws on data from various systems, including CMDB and BMS, to optimise provisioning and resource use.
  • Automatic Work Order Generation: Post-planning, the module creates detailed work orders, streamlining the installation process.
  • Customisable Workflows: Tailor provisioning workflows to meet the unique needs and policies of each organisation.
  • Compliance and Error Prevention: RiT Tech said the automation core of XpedITe guarantees adherence to policies and minimises human errors.

Safovich added that with the adoption of the company’s Universal and Intelligent Infrastructure Management (UIM) methodology, RiT Tech is setting new standards in the industry.

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