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Protecting the Critical Media that Makes up the Industrial Network

Press Release by Panduit Data Centre Infrastructure Fri 8 Mar 2019

NEMA 12 MDC is the newest addition to the Micro Data Centre family, supporting space optimisation and other plant floor needs

London, UK, 6th March 2019, Panduit, an industry leader in industrial network infrastructure, IoT, plant floor and control panel solutions for over 60 years, launches the latest addition to the Micro Data Centre (MDC) family of products. The NEMA 12 MDC opens the door to edge computing, enabling the deployment of compute, storage and network switching on the plant floor.

As networking equipment in control rooms and telecommunication closets compete for footprint space, the sealed NEMA 12 MDC gives facilities flexibility for where this equipment can be deployed.

Tim Houghton, Industrial Product Manager at Panduit states, “The Panduit NEMA 12 MDC is optimized for size, allowing room for UPSs, servers, storage, network equipment and cooling, as well as often overlooked cable management, PDUs, grounding/bonding, and ESD provisions.”

For more information on Panduit’s NEMA 12 MDC and the rest of the Industrial Micro Data Center family, please visit: www.panduit.com

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