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OVHcloud expands AI capabilities with new serverless and GPU-equipped bare metal solutions

Press Release by OVHcloud Wed 31 Jan 2024

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OVHcloud is expanding its AI offerings with a range of serverless solutions and GPU-equipped bare metal servers.

This initiative is aimed at making AI technologies more accessible and affordable, especially in light of the increasing demand driven by the surge in Generative AI applications.

Enhanced Compute Resources and Cloud Infrastructure

OVHcloud’s strategy includes offering a wide array of compute resources equipped with data centre GPUs. This approach leverages OVHcloud’s its eco-friendly, water-cooled compute resources.

The new offerings include Compute GPU instances with NVIDIA H100 PCIe GPUs, addressing high-demand applications like machine learning and deep learning.

Additionally, OVHcloud is introducing new HGR-AI-2 bare metal servers powered by NVIDIA L40S GPUs, designed for robust AI workloads.

The company is also preparing to launch Bare Metal SCALE GPU servers later this year, targeting use cases such as 3D rendering and video processing, powered by NVIDIA L4 Datacenter GPUs.

Data Management and Serverless AI Tools

To complement its technical resources, OVHcloud is enhancing data management capabilities with the OVHcloud Data Platform. This end-to-end solution offers a low-code approach to data pipeline management and analytics, featuring over 50 connectors for easy data collection, management, and visualisation.

OVHcloud is also introducing a suite of serverless tools for AI, including AI Notebooks, AI Training, and AI Deploy, to facilitate the experimentation, training, and deployment of AI models.

These tools are designed to be user-friendly, catering to the needs of data scientists and machine learning engineers.

Upcoming Innovations and Ecosystem Support

Looking ahead, OVHcloud is developing AI Endpoints and AI App Builder, which are serverless solutions aimed at simplifying access to AI models and building generative AI assistants.

These upcoming offerings highlight OVHcloud’s focus on making advanced AI technologies accessible to a broader audience.

Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud, said: “Our mission at OVHcloud is to make AI accessible and easy to use for businesses … With innovation rooted in OVHcloud’s core values, this is only the beginning of our AI journey.”

OVHcloud’s new GPU instances and managed AI solutions are now available, with pricing starting at €2.80 per hour for GPU instances based on NVIDIA H100 PCIe.

The upcoming NVIDIA L40S, L4, and A10 GPU instances, along with the HGR-AI-2 Bare Metal Servers and SCALE-GPU offerings, will be introduced in the coming months in Europe, Canada, and the United States before reaching Asia.

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