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Oracle and Microsoft to enhance Bing with AI on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Thu 9 Nov 2023

Oracle has entered into a multi-year partnership with Microsoft to bolster the capabilities of AI services, including Microsoft Bing’s conversational search.

Microsoft is leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) alongside its own Azure AI infrastructure to support the growing demands of Bing’s conversational search functionality.

This collaboration takes advantage of the Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure, allowing Microsoft to orchestrate OCI Compute on a large scale via services like Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). The infrastructure is crucial for supporting the advanced inferencing required by Bing’s AI models, which is integral to delivering enhanced search results analysis.

Karan Batta, Senior Vice President at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, said: “Generative AI is a monumental technological leap and Oracle is enabling Microsoft and thousands of other businesses to build and run new products with our OCI AI capabilities. By furthering our collaboration with Microsoft, we are able to help bring new experiences to more people around the world.”

Microsoft Bing is adopting cutting-edge AI to enrich the search experience globally. The integration of OCI with Azure AI infrastructure is expected to widen customer access and accelerate the delivery of search results.

Divya Kumar, Global Head of Marketing for Search & AI at Microsoft, added: “Microsoft Bing is leveraging the latest advancements in AI to provide a dramatically better search experience for people across the world. Our collaboration with Oracle and use of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure along with our Microsoft Azure AI infrastructure, will expand access to customers and improve the speed of many of our search results.”

Inference models are demanding, requiring vast numbers of compute and storage instances along with a significant GPU fleet, all operating in tandem across a multi-terabit network to perform as a singular supercomputing resource.

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