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NTT DATA and Schneider Electric collaborate on edge computing innovation

Wed 28 Feb 2024

NTT DATA and Schneider Electric have announced a new partnership with the aim of revolutionising edge computing.

This collaboration introduces a comprehensive solution integrating Edge, Private 5G, IoT, and Modular Data Centres to enhance connectivity and support AI applications at the edge.

The initiative combines NTT DATA’s Edge as a Service and Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure to address the computational needs of machine vision, predictive maintenance, and AI inferencing at the edge.

Empowering Enterprises with Advanced Connectivity Solutions

Shahid Ahmed, EVP New Ventures and Innovation at NTT, emphasised the future of digital transformation lies in processing data generated by edge devices.

“We’ve listened to our customers and know that processing vast amount of data generated by edge devices is where the future of digital transformation lies,” he stated.

The collaboration aims to provide complete solutions for digital transformation in various locations, focusing on high compute demands and critical infrastructure.

This partnership responds to the accelerating enterprise adoption of edge computing, as highlighted in NTT DATA’s Edge Advantage report, which indicates nearly 70% of enterprises are fast-tracking edge adoption to overcome business challenges.

Innovative Deployment at Marienpark Berlin

The collaboration’s first achievement is the deployment of a Private 5G-enabled EcoStruxure data centre at Marienpark Berlin, set to become a leading innovation park.

Guido Schütte, Managing Director of Marienpark Berlin, noted the critical role of computational power and advanced connectivity in developing future-focused technological ecosystems.

“Today’s innovation ecosystems in Marienpark increasingly depend on specific technological infrastructures. Easy-to-access computational power combined with advanced connectivity are a key issue. We need an innovative environment with such an infrastructure to satisfy future user demands of our community,” said Schütte.

Rob McKernan, President of the Cloud & Service Provider Segment at Schneider Electric, reflected on the success of co-innovating with NTT DATA at Schneider Electric’s Lexington Smart Factory.

“Together, we aim to assist global clients in adopting connected devices, specialised industrial solutions, and the right edge computing infrastructure with modular data centres to gain valuable data insights, particularly in the context of IoT and emerging AI requirements,” said McKernan.

Addressing Industry 4.0 Challenges

This partnership is designed to tackle the connectivity, bandwidth, and security challenges of Industry 4.0 applications, providing seamless, secure, and low-latency connections through edge data centres.

Camille Mendler, Chief Analyst at Omdia, underscored the importance of actionable, data-driven intelligence in real-time for Industry 4.0, pointing out the growing dominance of AI-enriched data in enterprise network traffic. She advocated for investment in digital resources at the edge and the technological infrastructure to support it.

“AI-enriched data already accounts for a third of enterprise network traffic, but it will dominate digital interactions by 2030. To profit from AI insights, enterprises must invest in digital resources at the edge, and the technology infrastructure that powers it, now,” said Mendler.

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