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NordPass’ client companies can now store their data in the EU Data Centre

Wed 18 Oct 2023

Password management company NordPass announced its Business and Enterprise clients can now choose where they want to store their data — in the United States (US) or the European Union (EU) Data Centre that the company just launched.

In addition, NordPass passed new audits and introduced a new business subscription plan.

The EU Data Centre to Benefit Clients in Europe

With European companies required to comply with distinct privacy laws and regulations under EU jurisdiction, NordPass launched the EU Data Centre, where its Business and Enterprise clients can securely store their data. Organisations newly onboarding with NordPass can now indicate their preference for data storage location, be it the US or the EU.

To date, companies’ data was stored solely in the US Data Centre. However, with ever-stricter compliance requirements, this option rarely serves companies operating in the EU. To address this, NordPass offered a solution to choose a location that best aligns with a business’s operational and privacy requirements.

“More than ever, we feel that many companies are concerned about consequences for non-compliance. Therefore, due to the complexity of the legislative landscape, they tend to go for service providers that help address privacy policy requirements without much effort. We believe that the introduction of the EU Data Centre adheres to our clients’ peace of mind,” says Karolis Arbaciauskas, Head of Business Development at NordPass.

Introduces New Subscription Plan for Businesses

In addition to its Business and Enterprise tiers, NordPass introduced a new subscription option called NordPass Teams. The plan includes 10 seats with the pricing starting at £1.62 (€1.79) per user a month. NordPass Teams partly covers the Business tier features, ensuring easier credential management, offering password policy enforcement, and password-related activities monitoring within the team.

Moreover, NordPass Teams customers can use the platform to create, securely store, manage, and share passkeys, considered the most promising authentication technology to replace passwords. The company’s passkey solution works across devices and operating systems, regardless of an ecosystem.

Passed New Independent Audits

NordPass Business recently successfully passed a SOC 2 Type 2 audit. Furthermore, independent auditors concluded that NordPass Business meets the security objectives outlined in the The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy and Security rules, meaning it can ensure protection of health information. These achievements complement the prior company’s efforts that resulted in receiving the ISO 27001 certificate. In addition, NordPass has been independently audited by Cure53.

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