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Nokia joins forces with Ultra Ethernet Consortium to enhance AI networking

Wed 22 Nov 2023

Nokia announced its support for the Ultra Ethernet Consortium (UEC) to develop of an open networking standard that addresses the demanding requirements of high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads.

The collaboration aims to ensure that the Ethernet protocol evolves to meet the advanced performance needs of AI.

The UEC, a collaboration of companies focusing on Ethernet specifications and software APIs for AI and HPC environments, welcomed Nokia’s expertise in scalable, low-latency networks. Nokia’s involvement is set to enhance the compatibility, affordability, and interoperability for AI and HPC applications.

With Nokia’s support, the UEC will develop new standards, best practices, and architectures for specialised AI data centre networks.

J Metz, Chair of the Ultra Ethernet Consortium, said: “Together with a broad ecosystem of consortium partners, our goal is to provide an open, interoperable standard that allows networks to be upgraded easily and inexpensively to meet the needs of AI and HPC applications. With strong partners like Nokia, we know the UEC will drive the kind of standard to ensure broad AI adoption.”

Nokia’s leadership in Ethernet networking and standards development positions it to significantly influence the direction of Ultra Ethernet. The company plans to leverage its knowledge in web, enterprise, and service provider networks to contribute to various UEC working groups, ensuring the new standard meets diverse customer needs.

Vach Kompella, Head of Nokia’s IP business, said: “Generative AI and ML are revolutionising every aspect of our customers’ businesses. We are focused on making Ultra Ethernet a highly compatible, low cost and interoperable part of future AI and HPC application stacks.”

Nokia’s support for the UEC marks a crucial step in developing networking solutions tailored for the evolving demands of AI and HPC, ensuring the adaptability and efficiency of Ethernet in these cutting-edge computing environments.


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