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Next DLP expands data protection with AI policy templates for leading GenAI tools

Thu 9 Nov 2023

Next DLP has expanded its AI policy templates beyond ChatGPT to encompass a broader range of generative AI tools, including Hugging Face, Bard, Claude, Dall.E, Copy.Ai, Rytr, Tome, and Lumen 5.

This enhancement within the Reveal Platform aims to bolster measures against data leaks, spotlight risky user behaviour, and educate staff on the appropriate use of generative AI technologies.

The rise of generative AI tools that can produce text, images, videos, and code has presented new challenges for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), particularly concerning the potential for sensitive data to be inadvertently exposed.

Findings from Next DLP’s July 2023 research reveal that 97% of surveyed companies had at least one user who accessed ChatGPT; 8% of all users had engaged with ChatGPT; and ChatGPT traffic made up less than 0.01% of total navigation events, a stark contrast to Google’s consistent 5-10%.

John Stringer, Head of Product at Next DLP, said: “Generative AI is running rampant inside of organisations and CISOs have no visibility or protection into how employees are using these tools. This extension of our policy templates to include top generative AI tools is driving decision making within our customer’s environments on the risk and required security associated with their use.”

The new policy templates enable companies to closely monitor and control the use of popular generative AI tools. They also facilitate the education of employees about potential risks, prompting reminders of data usage policies when employees access generative AI websites.

Furthermore, the policies allow for the detection of sensitive data, like project names, credit card numbers, or social security numbers, within generative AI interactions. This capability empowers organisations to preemptively act against unauthorised data disclosures.

These protective measures are part of a suite of configurations that Next DLP offers to secure organisations in an era where generative AI tools are increasingly common in the workplace.

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