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Minnesota Vikings leverage LogicMonitor for game-changing digital transformation

Press Release by LogicMonitor Wed 3 Jan 2024

Image of Minnesota Vikings Player Image Credit: All-Pro Reels, Flickr

In the fast-paced world of American Football, where every second and play counts, the Minnesota Vikings have turned to LogicMonitor to ensure uninterrupted access to vital video footage.

This access is critical for coaches and quarterbacks to efficiently assess their plays before and after each game, which is key to their success in the highly competitive football season.

Matt Freshwater, Information Technology Manager for the Minnesota Vikings, said: “Our coaching staff relies heavily on internal systems for watching film, sharing files and accessing network resources.”

He pointed out that these videos are not just for review, but are critical for in-depth analysis of their own players and opponents, forming the core of their competitive strategy.

“The coaches pore over these videos, analysing our own players< as well as opponents. They study someone’s hip position, the way they turn or the way their feet are lined up. It gets so granular, but this footage is the lifeblood of competitive advantage, so it’s extremely important,” added Freshwater.

LogicMonitor’s LM Envision solution played a crucial role in this strategy. It provides real-time monitoring of critical systems and applications across various environments.

With features like customisable dashboards, predictive failure detection, and contextual alerts, the solution offers a unified view of the Vikings’ hybrid infrastructure, helping avoid outages and loss of valuable footage.

Freshwater explained the impact of LogicMonitor on their operations: “With LogicMonitor, all of our applications, our servers and our network are up and running and monitored …We have cut down on our troubleshooting calls, and we have saved a lot of time and money.”

Prior to adopting LogicMonitor, the Vikings faced challenges with server storage limits and application stability. The partnership with LogicMonitor has enabled the team to take a proactive approach, adjusting drive space as needed and ensuring continuous operation of coaching activities.

Freshwater also praised the customisable dashboards provided by LogicMonitor, which offer a 24/7 view of their infrastructure and quick response capabilities.

The Minnesota Vikings have previously earned numerous division titles, made multiple playoff appearances, and reached the Super Bowl four times. The team’s IT department plays a critical role in its goal to ensure that their coaches and business staff have the resources available to succeed.

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