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Meta expands data centre footprint with Merlin Properties in Spain

Wed 7 Feb 2024

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has reportedly entered into a rental agreement for data centres with Spanish real estate firm Merlin Properties, as reported by Cinco Dias.

This move comes as Merlin, traditionally focused on offices and retail spaces, expands into the data centre market, driven by the surge in artificial intelligence and data warehousing demands.

Strategic Investment in Data Centres

Merlin’s venture into data centres involved a significant investment of £209.7 million (€246 million), with plans for additional capital expenditure of £124.4 million (€146 million) aimed at enhancing its infrastructure by 2024.

The strategic location of Spain, bolstered by underwater cables linking Europe to other continents, alongside the growing demand for green energy solutions, positions the country as an ideal hub for data centres.

The partnership’s details, including the extent of Meta’s lease within Merlin’s three newly completed data centres in Madrid, Barcelona, and Alava, remain undisclosed.

The three data centres each have a capacity of 3MW. Merlin anticipates a total capacity increase to 24MW by the end of the year across these facilities.

Future Developments and Green Initiatives

Merlin is also developing a fourth data centre in Lisbon, Portugal, expected to elevate its total data centre capacity to 58MW across Spain and Portugal.

These facilities, constructed in collaboration with US firm Edged Energy, are designed to meet Meta’s specific technological needs and are committed to sustainability, boasting a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15 and utilising 100% renewable energy sources.

The Barcelona data centre, in particular, is noted for its direct connections to significant subsea cables like 2Africa and Medusa, enhancing its connectivity infrastructure.

Meta’s investment aligns with its broader strategy to bolster its digital infrastructure, with plans to spend up to £29.2 billion ($37 billion) in 2024.

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