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Lush joins People vs Big Tech, releases ‘The Cloud’ bath bomb for Black Friday

Wed 22 Nov 2023

Image of The Cloud bath bomb by Lush

In a striking move this Black Friday, beauty company Lush is continuing its Big Tech Rebellion by partnering with the decentralised movement People vs Big Tech and releasing a bath bomb called ‘The Cloud’.

This collaboration aims to challenge the dominance of Big Tech companies, as well as intrusive surveillance and addictive algorithms that are said to be caused by a monopolisation of the Internet.

Tanya O’Carroll, founder of People vs Big Tech, said: “For years, a handful of tech billionaires have been running the internet like a bunch of feudal kings, harvesting and profiting from our data while their platforms wreak havoc on everything from mental health to democracy.”

Lush will launch a limited edition bath bomb called ‘The Cloud’. The Cloud bath bomb includes rose and Sicilian lemon oil.

All proceeds from the sales will support People vs Big Tech, an alliance of over 100 organisations fighting the disproportionate power of Big Tech giants.

Annabelle Baker, Global Brand Director at Lush, shared her perspective on the campaign: “Black Friday is generally a time when the Big Tech companies rake in huge profits, but at what cost? It is important that we campaign at this critical time of year to fund movements like People vs Big Tech.”

The campaign aligns with growing public concern over digital privacy and data use. An Amnesty International report found that 71% of people are worried about how tech companies collect and use their personal data.

Lush’s 2023 report with The Future Laboratory corroborated this, revealing that 65% of respondents are against the use of their data for commercial benefits by social media brands.

Lush CDO, Jack Constantine, said: “On Black Friday two years ago, we announced our ‘anti-social’ policy. We are thrilled to be working with People vs Big Tech this Black Friday, as the time has come to start actively campaigning for legislative change.”

Lush’s involvement in digital ethics and social media culture is part of its broader mission to ‘leave the world lusher than we found it’.

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