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Lonestar Data Holdings achieves historic lunar data storage test

Thu 29 Feb 2024

Lonestar Data Holdings, lunar data storage and edge processing provider, has completed a novel data storage test from the Moon’s surface.

This achievement, in collaboration with the State of Florida led by Space Florida and lunar access provider Intuitive Machines, marks a significant milestone in establishing the commercial lunar economy and enhancing global disaster recovery services.

Pioneering Lunar Data Center Initiative

The test was conducted as part of Intuitive Machine’s IM-1 Odysseus Nova-C lander mission, which made a historic landing at the Moon’s south pole on February 22, 2024.

The Independence payload delivered by Lonestar executed the first-ever data centre test on the Moon, including the transmission of the Declaration of Independence to the Moon and receipt back of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

This proof-of-concept demonstration showcases the feasibility of lunar data storage.

Chris Stott, CEO of Lonestar, said: “For us, this has been an incredible unparalleled commercial success. Teamwork is everything. Intuitive Machine’s successful landing has now helped us to establish a whole new sector in the global disaster recovery market while enabling true new commerce from the Moon.”

A New Era in Space-Earth Economy

The success of this mission underlines the collaborative effort between Lonestar Data Holdings, Space Florida, and Intuitive Machines, highlighting the potential of the lunar commercial sector and space economy.

Rob Long, President and CEO of Space Florida, said: “Space Florida is proud to support missions that elevate our state as the premier global hub for aerospace commerce.”

As Lonestar Data Holdings looks forward to its next commercial mission, IM-2, with Intuitive Machines, the company is poised to expand its lunar data services.

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