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Lenovo unveils enhanced AI solutions to drive global adoption and efficiency

Wed 3 Jul 2024

Lenovo has launched new enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) solutions aimed at enabling companies to develop and deploy AI, with turnkey services, industry-specific solutions, and energy-efficient innovations to speed up AI implementation.

To cater to all AI applications, the expansion introduces services powered by NVIDIA via the Lenovo AI Center of Excellence, validated AI Innovator solutions spanning from edge to cloud, and the 6th generation of Lenovo Neptune liquid cooling. These advancements are aimed at facilitating widespread adoption of AI-ready computing while maintaining energy efficiency.

Research with IDC and NVIDIA, commissioned by Lenovo, revealed generative AI as the top tech investment priority in 2024 among IT and business decision-makers (ITBDMs) globally.

The expansion is a key component of Lenovo’s £783.2 million ($1 billion) investment over three years to accelerate generative AI deployment, paving the way for ‘Smarter AI for All’. These solutions streamline adoption, accelerate outcomes, and optimise performance and efficiency across every stage of the AI journey.

“Delivering generative AI to every company around the world requires end-to-end infrastructure that is purpose-built to simplify the path to AI innovation and enable real-world applications,” said Scott Tease, Vice President and General Manager of High-Performance Computing and AI at Lenovo.

Tease added that with these new offerings, Lenovo aims to enable validated, AI-ready use cases for users across every industry globally.

Accelerating Real-World Benefits of Smarter AI

Lenovo’s third annual CIO report found most organisations are struggling with how to deploy AI-powered solutions quickly, effectively, and securely.

Offering a AI services portfolio aligned with the Gartner® Five Critical AI Adoption Phases as mentioned in the Gartner report2, the Lenovo AI Services Center of Excellence (AI COE) aims to help users find the right solutions to put AI to work for their organisations quickly, cost-effectively and at scale, bringing AI from ideation to reality.

Lenovo’s AI Fast Start programme offers solutions for testing, deploying, and scaling AI in real-world scenarios.

It includes live demonstrations that illustrate the deployment of generative AI and deliver concrete business, operational, and technological outcomes. Businesses can utilise full-stack NVIDIA technologies through Lenovo AI Fast Start for NVIDIA AI Enterprise, alongside NVIDIA NIM inference microservices for optimised inference engines, facilitating seamless deployment of NVIDIA AI Foundation models.

Lenovo also provides AI Fast Start for AI Innovators, enabling companies to set up, demonstrate, and customise AI solutions from its extensive portfolio of over 165 turn-key AI Innovators programme solutions. This approach aims to accelerate returns on investment and value realization from AI initiatives.

In the future, Lenovo plans to introduce AI Advisory services designed to assist organisations in defining business objectives and developing tailored AI adoption strategies across all scales, from edge to cloud. These services emphasise a people-centric approach, encompassing training and tools to empower employees throughout their AI journey.

For organisations embarking on their AI transformation, Lenovo AI Discover supports users in visualising and strategising their AI adoption journey, evaluating readiness across security, personnel, technology, and processes. Lenovo’s methodology aims to ensure actionable recommendations, guiding organisations towards successful AI implementation and business transformation.

Smarter AI Takes Liquid Cooling Mainstream

Lenovo said Lenovo Neptune’s data centre cooling technology has enabled users to achieve up to a 40% reduction in power consumption compared to traditional air-cooled systems. The direct water-cooling solution recirculates loops of warm water to cool data centre systems effectively, minimising the need for power-intensive system fans during operation.

The 6th generation of Lenovo Neptune liquid cooling expands its capabilities across the mainstream ThinkSystem V3 and V4 portfolios with several innovations:

  • Neptune™ is now available across mainstream ThinkSystem V3 and V4 models, offering direct open-loop water cooling options for CPUs.
  • New, industry-unique cold plate designs optimized for CPUs and accelerators maximize heat extraction for high-performance computing.
  • Lenovo’s patented memory cooling technology is integrated into select ThinkSystem platforms, providing direct-to-DRAM liquid cooling to boost performance and efficiency in dense HPC systems.
  • Introduction of 6th Generation Neptune™ Warm-Water Cooling designs allows operation without specialized data center air conditioning by reusing hot water within the facility.

Lenovo has collaborated with colocation partners to facilitate high-performance private AI deployments, even in environments lacking liquid cooling infrastructure. Digital Realty, in partnership with Lenovo, has implemented Neptune cooling technology in more than half of its global data centres, addressing challenges associated with high-density AI workloads.

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