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Legrand releases Version 4.0 of Raritan KVM switches

Wed 2 Aug 2023

Legrand has released a new line of Raritan KVM switches that comply with stringent requirements designed to protect systems from hackers and cyberattacks.

The Raritan Secure Switches (RSS) 4.0 have been lab-tested and certified to meet the specifications of the National Information Assurance Partnership’s 4.0 Peripheral Sharing Device. This Protection Profile defines the latest requirements US and Canadian government agencies must follow to use classified systems securely.

Other security-conscious organisations in and outside North America can also benefit from this new technology, including law enforcement, financial and healthcare institutions.

“Data security has become a major concern for organisations of every size, and we expect that to only increase in coming years as technological innovations continue to transform our world,” said Paul Mott, Director of Product management at Raritan.

RSS 4.0 protects against unauthorised data flow between systems, physical and logical tampering, data retention, and unauthorised intrusion. In addition, Common Access Card (CAC) authentication is supported, and unauthorised USB peripherals (i.e. flash drives) are blocked.

“RSS 4.0 is designed to give users flexibility and control over their systems while keeping them safe from the myriad threats seeking access to sensitive information. Though built to comply with standards for government, military, and intelligence agencies, this next generation of KVM switches can be used to help protect data in any industry,” added Mott.

Raritan also implemented a pure digital switch architecture to support HDMI and DisplayPort-based devices. Various video resolutions are supported, including high-definition and 4K Ultra HD.

Other key features of the RSS 4.0 include:

  • Isolation between computers at different classification levels
  • Tamper resistance
  • Intrusion detection to disable unauthorised operations
  • Keyboard data automatically cleared
  • Limited USB connectivity to restrict USB devices
  • Built-in, internal power supply
  • Support for Wired Port Selector accessory

The new Raritan KVM switches are available with two, four, and eight ports. Some new models include dual monitor support.

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