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Latest release of 6SigmaDCX software enables greater leverage of digital twin throughout data center ecosystem

Press Release by Future Facilities Wed 2 Jan 2019

Future Facilities’ newly released data center software enables better collaboration amongst teams through its unified platform, expanded DCIM integrations, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

SAN JOSE, CALIF – December 17, 2018Future Facilities Inc., provider of the data center digital twin for data center design and operations, today announced Release 13 of its 6SigmaDCX software suite. Release 13 builds on the company’s mission of utilizing the digital twin powered by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to foster collaboration across the entire data center supply chain, from designers and vendors through to operators.

Release 13 includes enhancements to 6SigmaAccess, a web-based capacity planning software with dashboards, user management, and security protocols. 6SigmaAccess’s IT deployment feature now utilizes power availability data and weight metrics to give IT deployment teams complete visibility into the impact of future IT deployments. Together, 6SigmaAccess and 6SigmaRoom enable data center teams to virtualize the capacity planning process, speeding up operations and decision making.

The 6SigmaDCX platform now provides a completely revamped power module that accelerates the replication of a complicated DC power network. These enhancements include interactive PDU panel connections and IT to power strip connections, driven entirely through simultaneous logical and object-based links.

To ensure the data center digital twin remains up-to-date, Future Facilities has expanded its list of DCIM integrations. 6SigmaDCX can now read data from Digitalor, Flownex, Trellis by Vertiv, and RAMP by Tuangru, making it the most integrated simulation platform in the data center market.

Release 13 also addresses the trend toward using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in data centers. 6SigmaDCX now has a co-simulation environment with tools such as MATLAB, allowing users to change modeling inputs to cooling units (ACUs), heat exchangers and IT power in real time. This feature allows third-party software to directly interface with the platform and make its own changes, helping AI and ML systems to learn from your simulation results and implement the findings in your real-life systems.

“With the data center landscape shifting toward a hybrid model of managing both off- and on-site data centers, teams are seeking new tools to unify capacity planning and data center engineering in one platform,” said Akhil Docca, Director of Marketing at Future Facilities. “We have set out to meet these changing demands with Release 13, which combines process and engineering in a digital twin of the data center.”

About Future Facilities

Future Facilities is a software company dedicated to improving the way data centers are designed and operated. We promote use of a digital twin, powered by engineering simulation, to maximize data center performance at the lowest possible cost. Our digital twin allows you to predict, visualize and quantify the impact of any change in your data center prior to implementation, empowering you to make decisions with confidence.

Additional information can be found on the Future Facilities website, LinkedIn, or by following them on Twitter @6SigmaDCX.

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