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La-Z-Boy partners with Fivetran to comfortably break down data silos

Press Release by Fivetran Thu 4 Jan 2024

La-Z-Boy Incorporated, a global leader in residential furniture, has partnered with Fivetran to modernise its data systems and enhance data-driven decision making across the organisation.

The collaboration aims to break down data silos and centralise data, streamlining operations and improving the customer experience.

Selwyn Samuel, Director of Data Analytics & Enterprise Architecture at La-Z-Boy, said: “Data is the common language that connects many teams and stakeholders across our company.

“With Fivetran helping to power our modern data stack, we are able to centralise data faster and improve access across the company,” he said.

La-Z-Boy Kicks Their Feet Up With Fivetran

This centralisation is crucial for La-Z-Boy to serve its customers effectively and make informed business decisions.

Carol Lee, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at La-Z-Boy, said: “Fivetran’s robust data movement capabilities have streamlined the execution of our data strategy. This allows us to swiftly and efficiently empower our business stakeholders with data-driven insights at scale.”

Since implementing Fivetran’s data integration platform, La-Z-Boy has observed significant improvements. The supply chain team has achieved inventory optimisation savings of over £3.9 million ($5 million) and a 20% increase in shipping date accuracy.

The eCommerce team has also enhanced sales order tracking capabilities, contributing to a better shopping experience. Further projects are in progress to ensure that marketing, merchandising, and demand planning are data-driven and efficient.

Taylor Brown, COO at Fivetran, said: “Their trust in our platform is a result of the consistent operational efficiency and cost savings we deliver to our customers. We are proud to provide La-Z-Boy with a strong data foundation that will power their continued growth.”

La-Z-Boy’s decision to modernise its data architecture with Fivetran’s platform reflects its commitment to leveraging data for operational efficiency and enhanced customer experiences, setting a foundation for future growth and innovation.

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