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Kipu Quantum acquires PlanQK from Anaqor AG to accelerate industrial quantum solutions

Thu 11 Jul 2024

Quantum software company, Kipu Quantum, has announced the strategic acquisition of PlanQK, the German quantum computing platform built and commercialised by Anaqor AG.

Key members of Anaqor AG’s team have joined Kipu Quantum, bringing their expertise to the company. This acquisition follows Kipu Quantum’s £9.6 million ($12.3 million) second closing of the seed funding round led by HV Capital and DTCF in late 2023.

“Kipu Quantum’s massively compressed algorithms enable the use of today’s quantum processors across multiple industries to solve industrially sized problems, without waiting a decade for massive quantum computers,” said Daniel Volz, CEO of Kipu Quantum.

The PlanQK platform provides access to quantum computing across various sectors, used by companies like BASF, DB Systel GmbH, T-LABS, and TRUMPF. The acquisition aims to speed up the commercialisation of Kipu’s application- and hardware-specific algorithms through the PlanQK platform, facilitating seamless integration of quantum solutions into existing organisational processes.

Lead architect of the PlanQK platform, Michael Falkenthal, said by merging the PlanQK’s deep technical expertise and strengths with Kipu Quantum, the German quantum computing platform aims to deliver unparalleled value and accelerate access to quantum computing capabilities sooner than anticipated.

“PlanQK will remain an open, community-driven platform, enhanced by our partnerships and research initiatives to support all quantum innovators. Together, we will facilitate seamless integration of quantum solutions into existing organisational processes, significantly broadening the reach and application of advanced quantum technologies,” added Falkenthal.

Combining their strengths, Kipu Quantum and the PlanQK team are set to greatly enhance quantum computing accessibility across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, logistics, and finance, accelerating these sectors towards achieving quantum advantage.

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