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IT teams confident about hitting net-zero targets, says new Telehouse report

Thu 2 Nov 2023

In light of mounting global pressure to curb emissions and the increasing importance of energy-efficient operations, a promising 81% of IT decision-makers are optimistic about meeting their set net-zero target dates.

However, the path towards sustainability is less than smooth. Only 19% of organisations have already achieved net-zero, while less than half (44%) are in the position where they are not net-zero but plan to reach this milestone in the future.

These insights are the findings of a new report titled ‘Vision 2030: Your guide to addressing sustainability in digital infrastructure’, from Telehouse International Corporation of Europe.

250 UK IT decision-makers were surveyed to understand their perspectives on digital infrastructure challenges, opportunities, and their interplay with sustainability goals for the next decade.

Mark Pestridge, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Telehouse Europe, said: “Organisations are committed to creating more sustainable digital infrastructure despite facing challenges in reducing and demonstrating their environmental impact.

“Leveraging the right digital infrastructure, nurturing sustainability initiatives, and fostering diversity are pivotal to advancing these objectives more swiftly.”

Economic and Technological Barriers to Sustainability

A closer inspection of the hurdles revealed cost as a predominant concern for 60% of IT decision-makers who are not confident their organisation will meet net-zero goals by their target year.

In tandem, half of these professionals (50%) highlight the lack of requisite technological infrastructure as a primary impediment, while 30% face resistance from stakeholders in adopting sustainable practices.

The Quest for Renewable Energy Sources

A distinct challenge surfaced around Scope 2 emissions targets, related to indirect greenhouse emissions from consumed electricity, heat, or steam.

An overwhelming 92% of organisations surveyed focusing on Scope 2 emissions report they are grappling to identify energy sources that align with renewable standards and regulatory compliances.

Infrastructure Choices Shaped by Sustainability

The research further delved into the IT infrastructure procurement process, uncovering that a significant 84% of organisations perceive sustainability as an important consideration.

Almost half (43%) of respondents actively seek out providers and solutions with strong environmental credentials, while 23% only consider providers/solutions with proven sustainability credentials and transparent reporting on their environmental impact.

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