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Heliot Europe establishes largest IoT network infrastructure in Europe

Tue 8 Aug 2023

Heliot Europe has acquired and integrated the Sigfox network operations of WND UK in the United Kingdom and IoT Denmark in Denmark.

Heliot has confirmed its position as the largest operator of IoT sub-gigahertz 0G-WAN infrastructure and supporting services in Europe, dedicated to fully supporting the convergence of sub-gigahertz radio protocols on its networks and in its geographies.

This reinforces Heliot’s Sigfox 0G network and increases IoT growth opportunities in both countries.

“With existing professional network operations in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Liechtenstein, Heliot Europe is already well represented in the heart of Europe. This acquisition and expansion of network operations in the UK, Northern Ireland and Denmark is, therefore, the next logical step in our growth strategy. We strongly believe in these markets, and the growth opportunities that are available in these neighbouring markets,” said Thomas Scheibel, CEO of Heliot Europe.

UnaBiz, the new owner of the Sigfox technology, has entrusted Heliot Europe with the capabilities to operate its network in three additional countries in Europe.

Through this consolidation, integration and expansion, Heliot Europe plans to optimise its networks to meet customer-specific needs. This will result in enhancements to its offering to the market and an expansion of its technology portfolio, including LoRa based protocols, Mioty, RFID and Wiliot solutions.

“The UK and Denmark are typically at the forefront of technology usage and adoption. Integrating these regions into our wider Heliot Europe proposition enables innovative knowledge sharing that can only benefit all of our partners and customers,” said Patrick Griffin, Chief Commercial Officer of Heliot Europe.

Heliot Europe is collaborating in these countries to create innovative use cases of IoT in the supply chain, logistics and packaging sectors for smart cities, energy and water utility sector solutions, and facilities management.

“The UK, in particular, has been a pioneer of IoT technologies for years – the time is ripe for IoT to scale across the UK and Europe, and our expertise and exciting expansion in this space gives Heliot and our customers a competitive advantage,” added Griffin.

Helio Europe acquired the Sigfox network operations of WND UK in the United Kingdom and IoT Denmark in Denmark earlier this year.

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