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GitLab integrates Claude AI by Anthropic for advanced code generation

Press Release by GitLab Wed 17 Jan 2024

Logos of GitLab and Anthropic (developers of Claude)

GitLab has announced the general availability of GitLab Duo Code Suggestions, powered by Anthropic’s Generative AI model, Claude.

This AI-assisted coding capability includes a feature for generating algorithms or code blocks within a developer’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Enhancing Developer Productivity with AI-Assisted Code Generation

Code Suggestions, as part of GitLab Duo’s suite of AI-assisted features, offers developers a coding companion that provides suggestions in real-time.

This tool can save time and effort on routine tasks, allowing developers to focus more on complex aspects of coding.

With code generation, developers can define their requirements in comments, and the system generates the necessary code, even for complex functions or substantial amounts of boilerplate code.

Code Suggestions can generate a JavaScript function for calculating the Levenshtein distance or a Tornado Web Server in Python based on specific instructions.

Why GitLab Chose Claude

In developing AI coding assistants, GitLab emphasises the importance of accuracy, safety, and trustworthiness.

Claude, the AI model from Anthropic, was chosen for its ability to produce precise code while limiting irrelevant or unsafe content. Throughout testing, Claude reportedly demonstrated accurate and safe code generation capabilities consistently.

By leveraging Anthropic’s Claude, GitLab aims to enhance efficiency but also maintains reliability and trust in automated code generation.

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