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GitHub Copilot Chat now generally available for AI-Powered coding

Wed 3 Jan 2024

Screenshot of GitHub Copilot Chat

GitHub has announced the general availability of GitHub Copilot Chat for organisations and individuals, expanding the capabilities of its AI-powered developer platform.

This new feature enhances coding with natural language assistance in Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio. Verified teachers, students, and maintainers of popular open-source projects can access Copilot Chat for free.

David Losert, Principal Solutions Engineer at GitHub, said: “This tool has transformed how I approach translating code between languages.”

Losert highlighted the ease and efficiency Copilot Chat brings to tasks like rewriting code, transferring logic, and bootstrapping applications in different languages and frameworks.

GitHub Copilot Chat is powered by GPT-4 and supports multiple natural languages, allowing developers to prompt the AI assistant in their preferred language for real-time guidance.

Justin Herrick, a Staff Engineer at GitHub, said: “Being able to quickly pull up Copilot Chat, ask a question, and tweak the results has been a welcome change from hunting through pages of search results.”

Herrick noted how GitHub Copilot Chat streamlines the process of converting code and finding specific commands.

From explaining complex coding concepts to detecting security vulnerabilities and writing unit tests, Copilot Chat is said help every developer innovate at the speed of thought.

Staff Engineer Liz Saling said: “What happens to me more than I’d care to admit now is looking at the screen and waiting for the fingers to start typing. Using Copilot Chat to reach what is just out of reach in memory or get me started on something new is so helpful.”

The company believes that Copilot Chat will significantly enhance the development lifecycle, helping developers produce their best work. GitHub encourages users to explore its guide on getting started with Copilot Chat, eagerly anticipating the innovative applications developers will create using this advanced tool.

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