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Easy Termination Shielded FTP Works with Any Architecture including Cat 6A

Press Release by Panduit Data Centre Infrastructure Mon 30 Nov 2020

London, 27th November 2020, Panduit, the global provider of IT, data centre and industrial infrastructure solutions has launched the TX6A™️ Shielded Field Term Plug in EMEA, providing an easy to install and maintain in the field, male RJ45 connector for the fast growing WiFi access point and site deployed PoE device applications, such as cameras, where shielding from EMI is required. 

Together with the existing UTP Field Term Plug the TX6A Shielded Field Term plugs provide a direct connect method which offers cost savings, faster installation and increased reliability in both unshielded and shielded applications. The plugs support Category 6A, 6 and 5e performance levels in one product family. They are also rated for use in elevated temperature environments

The Panduit TX Field Term Plug family is easier to terminate in the field than typical modular plugs or competing field terminable plugs, by virtue of having a two-part plug provides a more compact size to meet the requirements of PoE applications and simplifies cable connection. They are also rated for use in elevated temperature environments

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