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Domo highlights surge in ChatGPT, X, Taylor Swift, and Amazon Engagement

Thu 11 Jan 2024

Image Credit: Eva Rinaldi, Flickr

Domo has released its 11th edition of the ‘Data Never Sleeps’ report. It reveled insights into the evolving patterns of global data usage, including increased engagement on X (formerly Twitter) and the growing reliance on search engines as they integrate generative AI options.

AI Growth and Entertainment Trends

The report highlights the significant impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in the digital landscape. AI-driven platforms like ChatGPT have become increasingly influential, with users submitting 6,944 prompts every minute.

“This year’s findings reflect the ever-changing and fast-paced digital landscape, which has only been heightened by the rapid popularity of AI models such as ChatGPT,” said Josh James, Founder and CEO of Domo.

Despite this AI boom, traditional search engines remain popular, with Google searches exceeding 6.3 million per minute, a rise from the previous year.

Entertainment platforms are seeing a resurgence in engagement. X (formerly Twitter) now records 360,000 posts per minute, while Spotify streams 24,000 hours of music, including a notable number of Taylor Swift songs, every minute.

Instagram users are actively sharing reels, and streaming platforms collectively notch up more than 40 years of content viewership per minute.

“Data drives everything we do, from a quick search online or sending an email, to checking the latest headlines on our way to work,” added James.

E-commerce and Cybersecurity Highlights

The report also sheds light on the digital spending landscape. Amazon’s sales exceed £356,772 ($455,000) every minute, while Venmo processes £363,248 ($463,768) in transactions in the same timeframe.

DoorDash’s increased order totals to £95,557 ($122,000) every minute reflect the growing dependency on food delivery services.

However, alongside these advancements, cybersecurity remains a critical concern. The report notes that cybercriminals launch 30 DDoS attacks every minute, underscoring the importance of robust online security measures.

“Data weaves the fabric of our digital lives, and our annual Data Never Sleeps report highlights some of the most meaningful data for businesses and consumers alike,” said James.

The Data Never Sleeps report, now in its eleventh year, depicts how much we rely on data and its impact on our daily lives in a single minute of the year.

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