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Delinea set to host exclusive Cybersecurity Roundtable at Tech Show London 2024

Wed 24 Jan 2024

Delinea is set to host a Cybersecurity Roundtable on March 6th, 2024, during the first day of Tech Show London. Taking place in the North Gallery Suites at ExCeL London, the event promises a mix of networking and insightful discussion.

The invite-only event will cater to 8-12 VIP guests or chief information security officers along with two representatives from Delinea and a moderator. Attendees can expect a fully-catered lunch and drinks, fostering an environment conducive to in-depth discussion and collaboration.

Focus on Evolving Cybersecurity Challenges

The theme of the Roundtable, ‘Adapting to the Evolving Cyber Security Landscape in 2024: Tackling Specialised Threats with Advanced Defences’, will delve into critical topics shaping the future of cybersecurity.

Key topics include identifying new targets for cybercriminals, emerging tools and techniques used in 2024, and areas of investment for the future.

The discussion will cover several pertinent areas:

  • Geopolitical Impact and Cyber Threats: Deliberation on how organisations can mitigate risks from disruptive cyber-attacks amidst evolving geopolitical dynamics, and adapt their cybersecurity strategies in response to increasing geopolitical tensions.
  • Compliance and Cybersecurity Landscape: Examination of the expanding scope of compliance requirements for security and data privacy, the challenges and opportunities this presents, and strategies for navigating compliance while maintaining robust cybersecurity practices.
  • Insurance, Passwords, and AI in Cybersecurity: Exploration of how cyber insurance offerings are adapting to changing threats, the evolution of passwords balancing security and user experience, and the role of artificial intelligence in predicting and countering cyber threats effectively.

This Roundtable by Delinea at Tech Show London represents an opportunity for industry leaders to engage in critical discussions about the rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape and the strategies required to stay ahead of emerging threats.

To get involved or nominate a VIP, contact Emma Cowell at [email protected].

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