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Databricks unveils Data Intelligence Platform for energy sector transformation

Thu 11 Apr 2024

Data and AI company, Databricks, has introduced the Data Intelligence Platform for Energy, a unified solution intended to change operations across the energy sector.

This platform utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to enable real-time insights and proactive decision-making while safeguarding data privacy and intellectual property.

Databricks’ Data Intelligence Platform for Energy is founded on an open lakehouse architecture, providing enterprises with the capability to leverage energy data for AI-driven applications.

Through collaboration and innovation, this platform allows energy leaders to optimise operations, enhance sustainability, and prepare for the future of energy.

“Embracing Databricks has been transformative for our organisation’s digital transformations it is the engine that powers our data-driven innovation for asset operations,” said Dan Jeavons, Vice President of Digital Innovation at Shell.

The Data Intelligence Platform for Energy offers solutions tailored to address key challenges in the energy industry, including real-time asset performance management, efficient renewable energy forecasting, and proactive grid optimisation. By integrating advanced analytics and AI capabilities, users can optimise resource allocation and enhance profitability amidst market volatility.

“By gaining deeper insights into customer behaviour and energy consumption, we can continue to create innovations and services our users love so much,” said David Sykes, Head of Data at Octopus Energy.

The platform offers pre-built use case accelerators designed to start analytics processes and address high-value industry challenges. These solutions encompass a range of applications, from IoT predictive maintenance to grid-edge analytics, enabling organisations to drive innovation and efficiency.

Databricks has partnered with organisations to deliver purpose-built solutions tailored to the energy sector. Partners such as AVEVA, BKO, and Deloitte deliver offerings that use the platform’s capabilities to push for digital transformation and growth.

Global Industry Leader for Energy and Manufacturing at Databricks, Shiv Trisal, stressed the importance of using data intelligence for future success in the energy sector.

“Successful energy companies will set themselves apart by leveraging data, analytics, and AI in novel ways to simultaneously minimise the risk of their strategies and tap new opportunities enabled by the energy transition,” said Trisal.

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