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Data centre investment to increase driven by security and compliance concerns, says Telehouse survey

Wed 15 Nov 2023

A recent study by Telehouse International Corporation of Europe has revealed a significant trend among IT decision-makers towards increasing investment in data centre infrastructure.

This move, as reported by 61% of those surveyed, is mainly in response to escalating security threats and the need to comply with stringent regulatory standards.

The report, titled ‘Vision 2030: Identifying and navigating the emerging demands on your digital infrastructure’, surveyed 250 UK IT decision-makers. It shed light on the challenges and opportunities they foresee in digital infrastructure over the next decade.

Mark Pestridge, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Telehouse Europe, said: “Today’s businesses are facing a pressing need to evolve and transition away from traditional digital infrastructures. The increasing threats in the cyber realm are a clear indicator of the financial and reputational risks at stake. This underscores the urgency to shift from potentially vulnerable on-prem setups to more robust data centre security solutions.”

One of the key findings is the heightened focus on cybersecurity, driven by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, which are expanding the scope of digital vulnerabilities.

A notable 33% of decision-makers pinpoint cybersecurity threats as the primary concern impacting network uptime. A further 30% believe that maintaining security and ensuring regulatory compliance will be their most significant challenge by 2030.

The report indicated a shift in IT deployment strategies, with 54% of decision-makers now leaning towards colocation services, a significant rise from 33% in Telehouse’s 2020 research. This change is attributed to the need for enhanced security and stringent compliance, as well as cost-effectiveness compared to on-premises models.

“As firms embrace technologies like AI, the ensuing demand for computational power and storage capacity will surge, making colocation data centres a logical and future-ready choice, both now and beyond 2030,” added Pestridge.


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