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CWCS Managed Hosting set for expansion with new Nottingham data centre

Mon 4 Mar 2024

Image of CWCS data centre

CWCS Managed Hosting, a provider of managed hosting and data centre services, has announced the acquisition of a 9,300ft building in Nottingham, marking a significant expansion of the company’s data centre footprint.

This development is set to address the increasing demand for hosted solutions, particularly private cloud and server colocation services.

Strategic Growth and Enhanced Capacity

The new data centre, expected to be operational in 2024, is part of CWCS’s strategic initiative to meet the needs of both existing and new customers, as well as to facilitate growth for current and future acquisitions.

Karl Mendez, Managing Director of CWCS Managed Hosting, said: “In the last three years, we have embarked on an ambitious growth strategy … There’s an increasing demand for hosted solutions, especially private cloud and server colocation where customers want their data in a redundant and secure data centre facility with technicians available 24/7.”

The new facility in Nottingham will significantly boost CWCS’s capacity to provide flexible hosting options, including cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, and colocation services.

Mendez added, “Opening a new data centre in Nottingham significantly increases our capacity to offer flexible options comprising of cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, and colocation services.”

Commitment to Security, Quality, and Sustainability

The forthcoming data centre will adhere to CWCS’s commitment to maintaining ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications in security and quality management.

Furthermore, CWCS has set an ambitious goal to become carbon neutral by 2030. The new site will continue to use renewable energy sources, aligning with the company’s sustainability objectives.

“This is an energy hungry industry so it’s imperative we take responsibility for the energy our centres consume, and help our customers manage their energy overheads and emissions too,” said Mendez.

Giles Davis, partner at Geo Hallam & Sons, and Mark Tomlinson, Director at FHP, played crucial roles in securing the premises for CWCS.

Davis highlighted the challenges of finding a suitable facility.

“The search to find a suitable facility was a challenging brief, given the nature of the CWCS business. We looked for premises that were well located and could be stripped back with planning permission. The building we’ve secured is an ideal canvas for CWCS to fit out with their new data centre and associated offices,” said Davis.

Tomlinson noted the collaboration that led to overcoming the scarcity of industrial freehold opportunities, facilitating CWCS’s expansion.

“The lack of industrial freehold opportunities could have prevented CWCS from achieving its expansion. But we’ve been able to solve the problem by putting forward a building they can repurpose, securing a sale for our client, and helping CWCS achieve its vision,” added Tomlinson.

Located in Nottingham, with additional facilities in the UK and USA, CWCS specialises in offering 24/7/365 enterprise-grade infrastructure for critical data systems, websites, and applications.

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