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Culture clashes lead to DevSecOps failures in almost 50% of IT teams

Wed 6 Dec 2023

Almost 45% of organisations implementing DevSecOps practices are experiencing failures, negatively impacting their efforts to enhance security, quality, and consistency in software production.

Research by Capacitas on large UK businesses and public sector organisations uncovered a widespread issue with cultural integration within IT teams.

A notable 51% of IT decision-makers reported a resistance to change among their teams, with 47% citing a lack of sufficient cross-team collaboration.

In organisations where DevSecOps has been implemented, 53% of respondents report a lack of engagement and ownership of application performance and security.

Thomas Barns, Service Design Director at Capacitas, expressed concerns about the disregard for cultural aspects in DevSecOps implementations.

“The research highlights a consistent failure to appreciate and prioritise the cultural aspects of DevSecOps, which is about people and processes, not just technology,” said Barns.

Barns emphasised the necessity of taking time to embed the DevSecOps culture shift, cautioning against rushing the process even if organisations believe they can implement DevSecOps within six months.

Training emerged as a critical, yet overlooked, component in DevSecOps adoption. One-third of respondents (33%) identify training as a main challenge in getting teams to embrace DevSecOps practices.

However, only 26% of organisations on the brink of adopting DevSecOps have included internal training in their roadmap, indicating an underestimation of skills gaps and needs.

While many organisations aim for DevSecOps to enhance team productivity and consistency in quality, the study revealed that significant improvements in deployment frequency or lead time for change are reported by only 40% of those operating with DevSecOps.

These results suggest that addressing the cultural and skills challenges is essential for realising the full value sought by IT decision-makers in the adoption of DevSecOps practices.

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