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Cloudera and Continental collaborate on connected tyres for enhanced road safety

Thu 14 Mar 2024

Tyre manufacturer Continental has partnered with Cloudera to leverage data analytics for improving road safety and reducing breakdowns through its “ContiConnect” digital tyre management solution.

Utilising Cloudera’s data platform, Continental will offer fleet operators real-time monitoring of tyre conditions, effectively reducing wear, maintenance costs, and fuel consumption.

Driving Innovation with Data Analytics

Founded in 1871, Continental has evolved from a conventional tyre manufacturer to an integrated tyre solutions provider, with 24 production sites globally.

The partnership with Cloudera is a strategic move to develop new applications and advance Continental’s transition towards offering digital management systems for tyres alongside its traditional products.

Underinflated tyres, a leading cause of vehicular breakdowns, significantly impact fleet operations, safety, and supply chains. By continuously measuring tyre pressure, temperature, and mileage through sensors, ContiConnect allows fleet managers access vital data and receive instant alerts and recommendations to proactively maintain their fleets.

This approach ensures compliance with safety and legal standards, and enhances fuel efficiency.

Real-Time Monitoring and Savings

The implementation of ContiConnect has demonstrated tangible benefits, including a significant reduction in breakdowns and considerable fuel savings for fleet operators.

A British fleet operator with 55 vehicles reported an 83% decrease in breakdowns, saving nearly £19,637 (€23,000) in fuel costs over a year.

Laura Koormann, Global Team Lead Digital Solutions IT at Continental Tyres, highlighted the importance of data-driven insights provided by the Cloudera data platform.

“Everything is based on data and using it to gain insights for customers. The Cloudera data platform offers the opportunity to enable a variety of data-driven use cases on the platform in the future,” said Koormann.

This infrastructure supports a variety of future data-driven use cases, enabling Continental to further explore data-based services utilising artificial intelligence (AI).

Future Directions and AI Integration

Continental Tyres decided to migrate from an existing solution in its own data centre to Cloudera Public Cloud on Azure. This has enabled faster and simpler data management and analysis as well as machine learning with optimised performance, security and scalability.

Andreas Voges, Application Manager for ContiConnect & IoT at Continental Tyres, praised Cloudera’s infrastructure for its flexibility and compatibility with future technological developments.

Continental plans to introduce sensors that provide even more detailed data on tread depth and other critical insights, and to integrate these solutions with existing vehicle fleet systems to offer comprehensive information for operators.

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