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Civo launches high-performance Cloud GPU offering run on NVIDIA A100s

Wed 17 Apr 2024

Cloud computing company, Civo, has launched its Cloud GPU offering, powered by a range of NVIDIA GPUs. 

The new GPU offering is readymade to support high-demand workloads like machine learning, Large Language Models (LLMs), and graphics rendering.

Users can start using GPUs by launching them directly from the dashboard and implementing them to power enhanced performance on Civo Kubernetes clusters and Compute instances.

Civo Cloud will offer access to GPUs from its London region, including NVIDIA A100 40GB, NVIDIA A100 80GB, and NVIDIA L40S GPUs for both compute and Kubernetes tasks. 

The A100 GPU provides users with significant computational power and memory capacity, featuring 312+ TFLOPS of FP16 performance, 1,248 Tensor cores, and 80GB of HBM2e memory.

“With gold-standard NVIDIA GPUs, we are giving our users the high-performance tools they need to power today’s demanding cloud workloads, whether training the next LLM or rendering a complex 3D model,” said Mark Boost, CEO at Civo.

Civo manages its infrastructure and technology stack using Kubernetes. Civo said this approach ensures that all elements within the Civo stack are inherently designed for cloud environments.

The cloud computing company said it deliberately avoids legacy components, focusing instead on providing a straightforward developer experience and utilising high-quality hardware. Civo also offers plug-and-play adaptability, enabling users to integrate it into their existing infrastructure quickly and flexibly. 

Civo Offers Sustainable Cloud Computing Solution

With Civo Cloud GPUs, users can access a sustainable cloud computing solution provided by data centre heat reuse company, Deep Green.

As Deep Green’s cloud partner, Civo users can run their GPU workloads on A100 GPUs hosted on Deep Green servers, benefiting local UK communities by utilising excess heat. Civo users can also run their workloads on Deep Green’s servers in Exmouth, UK.

Deep Green’s system involves immersing servers in mineral oil within a small-edge data centre to capture heat for reuse. Servers deployed at a leisure centre in Exmouth, Devon, share recaptured heat with the public pool, reducing energy consumption and reliance on fossil fuels.

CEO at Civo, Mark Boost, said Civo is hoping to take a firm step towards a more sustainable future.

“Cloud does not have to come at a cost to the planet. By funding innovative solutions, we can build a cloud-native landscape that is suitable for the future of the planet,” added Boost. 

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