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Cisco announces sovereign control collaborations with Deutsche Telekom and Eviden

Fri 13 Oct 2023

Webex by Cisco - Sovereign Controls

Cisco has announced new Webex collaborations with Deutsche Telekom and Eviden to provide sovereign controls for European customers, from small to large businesses, education, banking, healthcare organisations, municipalities and public administration.

With this setup, encryption keys for Webex Meetings, Messaging and Calling User-Generated Information will be managed and hosted either by Deutsche Telekom or Eviden, on European soil. The keys will be held and managed by the two trusted partners and remain separate from Cisco’s infrastructure.

With the new Sovereign Controls feature, Cisco builds upon its existing EU data residency program with additional control European customers can exercise over their data. Trusted European partners manage and store encryption keys in local data centres.

By isolating the encryption key management in the EU, customers have greater control over the security of their User-Generated Information, including meeting recordings and transcripts, messages, shared files, and voicemails.

“This new feature demonstrates Webex’s commitment to deliver cloud solutions that meet evolving European privacy and security requirements. It paves the way for future sovereignty solutions for government, highly-regulated industries, and the upcoming EUCS certification scheme,” said Javed Khan, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Collaboration.

“We are proud to enable Webex customers to raise the level of control on their sensitive data by using our encryption services powered by Eviden’s in-house Trustway Proteccio hardware security module (HSM). Developed, manufactured, and operated in Europe, our HSM is securely hosted in a data centre outside the cloud,” said Zeina Zakhour, Vice President and CTO of Digital Security at Eviden.

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