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Cato Networks Unveils Industry First AI-driven Networking and Security Incident Detection and Response

Wed 20 Mar 2024

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) company, Cato Networks, have announced it has added network incident detection and response tools to its Cloud platform.

Network Stories for Cato XDR uses artificial intelligence (AI) to swiftly identify network outages and perform root cause analysis. This enhances collaboration between network operations centre (NOC) and security operations centre (SOC) teams and enables channel partners to offer NOC-as-a-service (NOCaaS) swiftly.

CEO and Co-founder of Cato Networks, Shlomo Kramer, said Cato Network’s converged platform merges security and networking, leveraging advancements in one domain to enhance the other.

“Our security-trained AI has now been expanded to help NOC teams become smarter, faster, and more proactive than ever. This is the value of a true SASE platform,” said Kramer.

Cato Network Stories Aims to Cut Downtime for Enterprises 

Network outages persist as a challenge for enterprise operations, with network and connectivity-related issues contributing to almost a third of IT outages and 53% of major outages caused by third-party IT providers. 

Cato Networks said diagnosing network incidents necessitates NOC teams to sift through and correlate a flood of network alerts. Often, outages originate as unreported line degradations or occur outside regular hours, prolonging their impact on the organisation.

Cata Networks said with Network Stories for Cato XDR, AI algorithms trained for threat detection now gather and analyse network signals and incidents to pinpoint the root cause behind blackouts, downed links, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) session disconnects, service-level agreement (SLA) issues, and other network incidents.

Cato Networks said Cato AI prioritises these incidents by criticality, enabling network operations teams to allocate critical resources to an organisation’s most significant cases. Upon NOC team intervention, Cato equips them with a comprehensive set of incident response tools. 

Generative AI condenses Network Stories into understandable explanations. Cato Playbooks aid NOC teams in comprehending the incidents and their remediation processes.

After implementing Network Stories, Cato Networks said Cato Support observed swift identification of last-mile packet loss, contrasting with customers previously taking several days to report an outage. The average root cause analysis time decreased by 30%, reaching less than 35 minutes.

The First SASE-based Platform for SOC and NOC Teams

Cato Networks said the platform facilitates enhanced collaboration between SOC and NOC, resulting in improved efficiency and service quality. According to Cato’s 2023 SASE Adoption Survey, 82% of respondents noted efforts to consolidate security and networking teams or directives to enhance collaboration.

Cato promotes mutual benefit through root-cause analyses conducted in one area benefiting the other. Cato Networks said collaboration is strengthened by employing a shared toolset, utilising a common language, and having a unified reference point. Additionally, Cato Role RBAC+ rules offer fine-grained access controls, allowing IT to regulate team members’ access to information and capabilities.

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