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Category 6A Cable with Minimum Diameter

Press Release by Panduit Data Centre Infrastructure Wed 30 Oct 2019

London, 15th October 2019, Panduit launches the Category 6A copper cables Vari-MaTriX offering reduced size, lighter weight for improved cable management and utilization. The new cables are compliant with EuroClass B2ca, Cca and Dca flame and UL Listed CMP-LP (0.7A) rating for increased safety. This new cable offers the smallest diameter Category 6A cables available on the market. Through the improved fill capacity and the minimum size, it allows more efficient use of cable pathways and spaces. Additionally, the lighter weight and increased flexibility ease installation whilst the in-operation temperature range of -20oC – +90oC provides for a wide capability for internal and external environments.

Panduit’s MaTriX series is the only Category 6A technology that offers a discontinuous foil tape layer providing the best-in-class alien cross talk mitigation, heat dissipation and provides the leading EMI performance in a UTP cable. The TX6A UTP copper cables with Vari-MaTriX technology exceed the industry standard for both electrical and alien crosstalk performance. The 23 AWG cables are designed for full 100-meter channels and provide error-free performance in high density cabinets and large cable bundles running Power over Ethernet (PoE), PoE+ and PoE++ applications.

As Smart Buildings upgrade to 10GBASE-T and PoE++ Applications, Vari-MaTriX cables are ideal, offering the highest performance and thermal rating with minimal impact to existing pathways, cable management and other infrastructure.

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