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Castrol announces collaboration with Hypertec to accelerate immersion cooling data centre technology

Thu 27 Jul 2023

Castrol has announced a collaboration with Hypertec to accelerate the widespread adoption of Hypertec’s immersion cooling solutions for data centres.

Supported by Castrol’s fluid technology, both companies will collaborate to develop and test state-of-the-art immersion cooling technology at Castrol’s global headquarters in Pangbourne in the UK.

Hypertec is the first server OEM to join Castrol in its drive to accelerate immersion cooling technology. Castrol and Hypertec will leverage Castrol’s existing collaboration with Submer who has provided its SmartPod and MicroPod tank systems to the Pangbourne facility which have been modified to test new fluids and new server technologies.

Eliot Ahdoot, Hypertec’s Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer, said: “Our work with Castrol and Submer strengthens our commitment to more sustainable and innovative technology solutions. Working closely with Submer since 2021, we’ve developed high-density and more sustainable immersion cooling solutions. This collaboration with Castrol will significantly contribute to their fluid testing and integrated energy efforts.”

Working together, Castrol will be able to continue to develop its offers for data centre customers and look to accelerate the adoption of immersion cooling as a path to explore more sustainable and more efficient data centre operations. With immersion cooling, water usage and the power consumption needed to operate and cool server equipment can be significantly reduced.

Nicola Buck, Chief Marketing Officer at Castrol, said: “We are proud to work with Hypertec to help us drive forward the adoption of immersion cooling technology. With a robust network of allies like Submer and Hypertec, we can innovate more quickly and develop integrated solutions that advance the efficiency of data centres while pushing the limits of current technologies. Together with Hypertec and Submer, we can develop differentiated and integrated solutions that help our customers.”

Castrol announced in 2022 that it will invest up to £50 million in its headquarters at Pangbourne. Castrol is pleased to have the first systems in place and fully functional for research to begin on furthering immersion cooling technologies across systems, servers, and fluids to provide world class, integrated solutions to customers.

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