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BMW and SAP launch first iFactory in UK

Thu 14 Sep 2023

SAP has announced the launch of a new BMW iFactory in Oxford, United Kingdom.

The factory uses SAP’s cloud-driven solution architecture for automotive industries.

The MINI Plant in Oxford is the first of BMW Group’s connected factories moving to the digitised cloud architecture over the next few years.

BMW Group and SAP created the first blueprint for process digitisation of automotive plants of the future, establishing a new technology standard that could shape the automotive industry.

The jointly created solution unites and simplifies the intricate simultaneous processes and IT system changes in the areas of parts logistics, finance and controlling, and customs.

BMW Group expects to benefit from the standardisation of logistics processes worldwide on the latest technology innovations, mutual plant support, flexible workforce allocation, and synergy in support and training.

BMW Group will also have faster access to innovations and be able to more quickly roll out new solutions in the production network.

“From now on, more plants from the worldwide production network will be added every year until they all speak the same language,” said Alexander Buresch, Chief Innovation Officer and Senior Vice President of BMW Group IT.

As part of its digitisation and harmonisation strategy, this new solution allowed BMW Group to link relevant product, process, quality and cost data, which enables data consistency and transparency across the production chain.

Thomas Saueressig, Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE responsible for SAP product engineering, said: “Process digitisation is a key enabler of the transformation of the automotive industry.”

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