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BetterPlace launches tech brand goBetter for global expansion

Wed 18 Oct 2023

In a bid to expand and further strengthen its presence globally, BetterPlace, Asia’s largest full-stack workforce SaaS platform, announced the launch of its unified tech brand goBetter.

BetterPlace’s goBetter combines more than eight tech modules into one single platform, which the company aims to take to the global markets as a unified SaaS platform that is optimised by Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve front line workforce management.

India, Southeast Asia, and GCC countries make up for 50% of the world’s workforce but on an average more than 60% of this workforce is still informal. This has created problems across the value chain.

Less than 3% of the front line workforce is formally skilled because of which enterprise efficiency is 20-25% lower than the ideal rate and has a labor shortage of more than 20%.

Moreover, with the fast changing dynamics of the global workforce, enterprises are unable to unlock the true potential of the workforce, hampering their growth capabilities.

With less than 15% of enterprises having digitised their workforce operations, it has become imperative for all enterprises globally to modernise and digitise to unlock this potential at scale. This mammoth task can only be achieved with the help of technology and AI. goBetter will become that one-stop-solution for enterprises to help them in their journey to build a robust workforce.

This new unified tech brand will help enterprises to reduce their costs by 50% and increase productivity by 100% through automation and optimisation empowering them to scale their business.

“With goBetter, we aim to capture the £246 billion ($300 billion) addressable market in India, Southeast Asia and GCC countries to become the go to solution for any enterprise which wants to focus on scaling its business while its workforce operations are optimised and automated.

“In the next three years, our aim with goBetter is to manage 10 million workers in Southeast Asia and GCC in the next three years to unlock the true economic potential of front line workers and the economies which employ them,” said Pravin Agarwala, Co-founder and Group CEO at BetterPlace.

BetterPlace started as a verification software in 2015 quickly scaling up its product stack to cater to the entire value chain of front line workforce management. seven years later, with more than eight product modules unified into one, BetterPlace has become Asia’s largest full-stack frontline workforce management platform. With a strong focus on developing this tech-stack further BetterPlace plans to invest £28.7 million ($35 million) in R&D to strengthen its tech stack further.

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